Reval Grade

the Essence of Exploration

Reval Grade G11

A provocation both in appearance and in comfort on board
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Reval Grade

Expand your horizons and let new experiences guide your discovery

Anytime, anywhere

Practicality, quality & functionality time

Practicality time

Versatile boats for adventure, exploration, fishing and work, it goes where you take it. Meet our model selection Reval Grade G7, G8 & G11.
Reval Grade Practicality time
Reval Grade quality time


Family, friends and active recreation - adrenaline and love included. Meet our model selection Reval Grade CG50, CG51 & CG57.

Functionality time

An exceptional tool for transportation, service operations and tactical purposes
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Reval Grade Functionality time

High-End Production

Hand-made next level of craftsmanship

Reval Grade

A provocation both in appearance and in comfort on board

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Reval Grade Durable Hull

Durable hull

All boats from Reval Grade have a reinforced power structure to provide additional rigidity and strength to the hull.
Manual TIG welding

MIG+TIG welding to achieve the optimal result

Reval Grade hulls are pre-cut using plasma cutters and all seams have double-sided welding.
Reval Grade functional interior planning

Functional interior planning

We design the interior space to optimize its usefulness and efficiency, while also ensuring safety and comfort for passengers and crew.

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