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Insulated tents for ice fishing and all year round camping!

Our winter tents are developed by seasoned specialists and passionate ice fishing enthusiasts. These tents have been tested not only in the harsh Siberian winters but also on hard water in the USA and Canada. They also have been quickly gaining popularity with Scandinavian clients. 
Polar Bird winter tents have a large number of benefits:

Insulation – the fabric of these tents consists of three layers. Using special technology, the layers of the fabric are securely laminated together and thanks to this, no quilting is required and the amount of stitching in the fabric is minimal. And because of no quilting, there are virtually no cold bridges in the fabric which results in maximum thermal efficiency. 
Keep in mind – thermal efficiency works in the cold as well as heat. If in the wintertime, the tent stays warm then in the summer, it will keep outside heat away and your tent nice and cool. 
Floor – foldable and made from EVA foam, the floor is light and easy to transport. It’ll keep your feet warm and the moisture out. Its securely fastened on the perimeter with double Velcro and in case you need to move your tent (which does happen during ice fishing), no need to fold your tent together – just grab it by the corner and move it to a better place.
Functionality and ease of use – thanks to pop-up technology – pitching the tent is easy and fast. For storage and transport, it also folds into a nice and compact package. 
The tents have ventilation openings and windows, big doors for convenient entry and exit and all of them are prepared for the use of a camping stove. 
Innovative materials of high quality – our pop-up tents have no separate rods and arcs to be installed. Every wall gets set up in one easy motion. Built-in fibreglass poles are manufactured in house and are virtually unbreakable.

Number of doors 2
Number of windows 3
Number of ventilation windows 2
Wall internal height 174cm
Floor measurements 230x230cm
Internal height in center 190cm
Wall length on ground level 174cm
Transport bag dimensions 170x30x30cm
Tent weight with transport bag 15,8kg
Insulated floor weight 8,6kg
Packaged floor dimensions 112x57x8cm
Water resistance 1000PU
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