PB 1T warm EVA floor

Brand: Polar Bird
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A warm insulated floor is as important as the tent itself. Doesn't matter if on land or ice, the floor will keep away the cold, humidity and insects in the summertime. 
Light and very compact when folded, this floor can be installed in minutes.
Especially important to ice fishing enthusiasts is that when you need to move your tent to a better location, you don't need to fold together the tent, just grab your tent by the corner and tow it to where the fish are. With the floor securely attached, you can be sure that all your things in the tent will be there when you arrive. 

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  • High-density insulation
  • Fast assembly and disassembly within a few minutes
  • Unique triple layer tent without cold bridges tested in harsh winters of Scandinavia and Siberia
  • Removable insulated floors with a convenient fastening system, allow moving the tent without any need to collect the gear
  • Ultra-strong tent frame made of extra strong glass-fibre reinforced plastic
  • Adjustable ventilation system
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