MasterPro 500CC

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You are looking at an extremely versatile all-rounder boat. 
Large enough to fit a family or a group of fishermen, small enough to go places where bigger boats can't. 

Spacious storage compartments in the bow and aft will provide storage room for your gear and equipment. A big open bow deck is convenient for cargo transport or comes in handy when you need room to move around while leading that 15kg pike to your boat. 
A fully self draining cockpit gives you one less thing to worry about even if you forget to cover the boat while mooring, all the water will just flow out through the openings in the aft. 

The brilliance of a center console boat is that even if it's just you and your ego in the boat, the centered seating position will keep the boat well balanced even at slow speeds and give great handling during the times you're chasing that adrenaline rush with the throttle. 

Standard equipment:

Aluminium hull marine alloy   Aluminum floor - checkered aluminum
Metal thickness 3 mm on the bottom, 3 mm on the sides   Central console, powdercoated
Double side welding of the hull   Acrylic windshield with stainless steel handlebar
Vibration and noise isoaltion   Anchor locker in the bow
Foam filled sandiwch construction sideboards   Spacious locker in the bow fishing deck
Buoyancy blocks filled with foamed polyurethane   Rear bench/storage compartment
Anodes installed on transom   Soft cushion for the rear bench and backrest
Mount pad for Echo sounders   Drainage coamings in lockers
T-slot for attaching additional accessories   Storage niches along the sides
Fastening loop on the bow   ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT
Mooring cleats (PVC) - 4pcs   Automatic bilge pump
Stainless steel railing in the bow   Battery box
Safety ladder in the aft   Battery clips
Decorative vinyl film on the hull   Battery main switch
PVC fender   USB socket in steering console
Fully self draining cockpit   CONTROL AND ENGINE
    Master Pro steering wheel
    Steering box and -cable


Aluminum thickness (bottom/sides) 3/3 mm
Deadrise on transom 15°
Fuel Tank 80L (Optional)
Total width 1,9 m
Max Person Capacity 5 ppl
Recommended Engine Power 30-60 hp
Draught 30 cm
Dry Weight 390 kg
Design Category C
Transom height 500 (L)
Total lenght 5,0 m
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