Inflatable boat Polar Bird 400 EAGLE

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Polar Bird is the best choice for true adventurers

This is what makes our boats special and unique:

Quick and effortless rigid floor installation - to assemble or disassemble the floor, a minute is all you need! Our patented solution allows the floor to be installed or removed whilst the tubes are inflated.
Less time on the shore - more time on the water!

More space in the boat - a wider bow section adds a generous amount of space and comfort to the boat.

Innovative materials - where others use laminated plywood, we use composite materials. GF floor elements and benches are lighter than plywood by 20%, don't absorb water and will keep their good looks for much-much longer.

A wide selection of accessories - in addition to well built, fantastic boats, we also manufacture a large variety of practical accessories. With these accessories, you'll be able to customize your boat to suit your personal needs and wishes.

Impeccable quality - a modern production process and thorough quality control at every step. Be that the ultrasonic welding or the thermal pressing of composite elements - each process in our production is perfected to the max and no boats leave the factory without a final examination.

The standard set includes: 

  • Inflatable boat - 1pcs
  • Rigid bench - 2pcs
  • Rigid floor - 1set (8 sections)
  • Stringers - 4pcs
  • Footpump - 1pcs 
  • Oars - 2tk
  • Towing connection - 2pcs 
  • Transportation bag - 1pcs
  • Transportation bag for floor sections - 1pcs
  • Transportation bag for benches, oars and stringers - 1pcs
  • Repairkit - 1pcs 
  • Instruction manual - 1pcs

Total lenght 4000mm
Cockpit length 2670mm
Total width 2020mm
Cockpit width 960mm
Tube diameter 530mm
Number of inflatable chambers 4+1
PVC fabric density 900-1100 g/m2
Payload 1050kg
Maximum passengers 7
Maximum engine power 30hj
Wight without floor and accessories 43,5kg
Floor elements and aluminum details weight 36,5kg
Boat total weight without engine 86,4kg
Transom height 400mm
Maximum weight on transom 75kg
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Polar Bird large bag is attached to the soft cushion from under the bench and will help you avoid a messy boat.

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Polar Bird boat cover is easy to install and quick to clean, this cover will extend the lifespan and preserve the good looks of your boat. 

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